About Us

Unrecognized Hero is passionate about helping businesses and individuals progress forward!

Whether you are a small business or an individual looking to grow, UHeRo offers the opportunity to work with one of our executive coaches.

Our coaches come with a track record that excels businesses and individuals in a way that works for their goals. This is a partnership that will identify potential opportunities for growth. The one-hour calls with the coach allow for advice, answers, and brainstorming. Whether it is a call about talent advisement for businesses or job searching for individuals, we are here to help.

You can expect a level of professional and tact that come with having 20+ years of proactive Human Resources and Business Operations experience in a variety of industries such as Tech, SaaS products, Education, Medical, Retail, HazMat, Non-profit, etc.

We are here to help you recognize your inner hero!

Pamela Hooper, Founder & Principal Consultant

Pamela Hooper is one of the top coaches for individuals and businesses. Her extensive knowledge of Human Resources and Business Management has a global reach, impacting many people and a variety of organizations.

As the CEO and Founder of UHeRo, her business is built on her passion to help you progress forward. Focused on proactive out-of-the-box solutions that are customizable to each, you will not find anything like this coaching program out there.

Pamela is passionate about helping individuals and businesses discover their potential and continues to take her passion to make an impact in the world. Some of her projects were:

  • Casa Luz training program in Costa Rica
  • Punta Leona with a Green HR program in Costa Rica
  • Team Challenge program in the USA

Beyond her 20 plus years of experience, Pamela is well-educated, having received her MBA from St. Edward’s University with a concentration in Global Human Resources and Business Management. Like many, she is always striving to learn more, currently completing a total of 3 degrees, 5 certifications, and 3 licenses. She has been recognized for her HR leadership by the International Women’s Leadership Association and achieved delegate status, receiving this award multiple times. Her education and knowledge are what allows her to run a successful coaching program.

Pamela Hooper Founder UHERO